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Information on the UK Coastguard

The U.K. Coast Guard offers information on: Safety Information on Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) Information on Boating Safety Courses Updated boat recalls and safety defects Regulations Statistics Carbon Monoxide Safety Additional links for information The U.K. Coast Guard offers important information on how to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities while boating.  It is recommended to […]

Boating what about travel insurance?

If you plan to travel around the world on your boat. I am sure you have boat insurance all tied up, but what about travel insurance? Travel insurance should be a no-brainer. Why not spend a few pounds to protect an investment of thousands? We purchase travel insurance ourselves, and we think you should too. […]

Sailboat Insurance

If you own a sailboat you will need to purchase sailboat insurance. The chances are you’re wondering what affects the premium. Physical Damage: Physical damage and liability are usually covered under boat insurance. Physical damage cover will pay to repair or replace your boat if it were damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, lightning, vandalism […]

Boat Insurance Cover

Before Rushing out and buying an insurance policy for your boat, lets take a look at what a marine policy will normal cover. It is important to familiarise yourself with boat insurance cover, to find out what is normally covered and what is not. For instance, if you have a boat that is greater than […]

Boating Safety Tips

  Boating Safety tips : Sailing your boat should be fun, however safe boating is of course fundamentally important, so here are some great safety tips to ensure your boating is trouble free: Wearing a life jacket (passengers and operator) Never boating under the influence Taking a boating safety course Get a vessel safety check […]

Buying your first boat

Boat Buying Choosing the right boat may be easier for an experienced boater, but what about first time boat owners? Boat Insurance UK would like to help make choosing a boat easy for first timers and helpful for those well-versed boaters as well! Things to consider Who’s going to use the craft? The basis of […]

Boat Construction

Boat construction It is interesting to note how boat construction has changed over the centuries. Thousands of years ago, boats were crudely fashioned from hollowed out logs. Over the years boat building became more sophisticated and boats were built from wooden frames, with planks nailed in place to form the hull. There were two types […]

Boat Insurance Quotes Online

Boat insurance quotes online – The easiest way to get boat insurance quotes – It’s not rocket science for you to understand that boat insurance is going to be important for your boat! What is more important is that your boat gets adequately covered! Adequate cover for your boats in terms of boat insurance, means […]