Boat Insurance Cover

Boat Insurance Cover

Before Rushing out and buying an insurance policy for your boat, lets take a look at what a marine policy will normal cover. It is important to familiarise yourself with boat insurance cover, to find out what is normally covered and what is not.

For instance, if you have a boat that is greater than 26 feet in length it would qualify for yacht insurance and not boat insurance. It’s important to know these basics when buying a boat also.

When getting a new Insurance Quote, the boat insurance industry often places Vessels into three main

Any boat 16 feet and 25 feet, 11 inches in length

Any vessel greater than 26 feet

Personal Watercraft(PWC)
Jet skis, wave runners and other similar vessels

Typical Boat Insurance Coverage


Watercrafts that fall under the category of “boat” are small powerboats and sailboats.

Physical Damage

Physical damage and liability are usually covered under boat insurance Physical damage coverage will pay to repair or replace your boat if it were damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, lightning, vandalism or windstorm The boat itself is covered, outboard motors, boats trailer, and personal property theft of items located on the boat.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage will protect in the event in which you are the cause of damage to property or an injury to someone other than you or a family member Liability coverage is usually purchased in increments of £100,000 up to £1 million. Liability is very important and can cause just as much financial harm as physical damage.

Boat Insurance Cover


Yacht insurance generally covers any watercraft that is around 26 feet. Typically larger sailboats, cruisers, and fishing boats fit under the yacht category. Yacht insurance is a lot like boat insurance and it has two main types of coverage. Instead of being called property damage and liability, they are called hull coverage and property and indemnity coverage.

Hull Coverage

If your yacht is damaged due to a fire, theft, windstorm, lightning or vandalism hull coverage will pay to repair it. Hull coverage generally will cover the whole yacht. Sails, furniture, outboard motors, and anything used to operate the yacht will be covered. Even dinghies and trailers may be covered under separate policies.

Protection and indemnity coverage

Protection and indemnity coverage is the same as liability for boat insurance, and pays for damage to property or injury to someone other than yourself or a family member. Just like boat liability insurance yacht insurance is usually offered up to more than £1 million.

Hurricane Coverage

If a hurricane is approaching a yacht owner can usually buy a hurricane protection endorsement. It basically pays to take your yacht out of the water if a hurricane watch or warning is issued. It also would pay to cover the costs of hiring a professional to get your boat to a safe harbor because of a threatening hurricane approaching.

Navigational Warranties

A navigational warranty restricts a yacht to a certain area. If your yacht is in the region then it’s covered. The region can cover the entire East or West Coast or as small as a Bay. If you would like to plan a trip outside of your navigational warranty area, trip endorsement may be purchased temporarily.

Personal Watercraft(PWC)

Personal Watercraft (PWC), such as jet ski’s can sometimes be difficult to insure due to a high number of accidents. About 95 percent of PWC operators are at fault for their accidents. If you own a personal watercraft you would want to purchase insurance coverage including bodily injury, property damage, liability, and theft.

Typical boat insurance covers:

Damage to Hull Fittings
Deck chair
Permanently attached equipment
Property damage to someone else’s property
Bodily injury- injuries to another person
Medical payments
Passenger liability
Bimimi top
Bilge pump
Fire extinguisher
Depth finder

Some others include: boat covers, fuel tank, boat furniture, tarp, trailer, solar panel, seat, oars, lights, life preservers, generator, horn, oven, refrigerator and the motor or engine.

What is not normally covered:

Hydrocycles, jet skis, kit boats, ski boats, and other personal watercraft (PWC) High-performance boats with a design speed which is in excess of 50 Mph Outboard motors which are not listed in your policy may not be covered Fishing and Scuba gear Personal items- clothing, jewelry, watches etc. Cell phones TV’s Ropes for wake boarding and water skiing Food or beverages Cameras Video equipment Wear and tear Deterioration Dents, scratches Manufacturing defects Electrolysis (more information)

There are a large number of Insurers offering boat insurance online in the UK. If boat insurance cover is new to you, then I recommend speaking to a specialist like Haven Knox Johnston who have dealt with boat insurance for over thirty years.